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Living one day at a time

We have completed our first month of 2017. Quite a tumultuous beginning to a very unpredictable year.  Normally January first is a day like any other, without much significance or cause for celebration. Unlike many, I do not make new year resolutions, nor do I contemplate about the previous years transgressions. I do not preemptively plan for the upcoming year. I just exist in the present moment. Is that a gift or a curse? Honestly I am not sure. We should never lose sight of the fact that any moment we might take our last breath, say our last word, complete our last good deed. Is it not true that yesterday has already passed away? Or that tomorrow may never arrive? Or that the only thing we hold in our possession at any given time is the present moment? Say, feel, express, show, experience, explore, love, forgive, forget, do what you feel compelled to do right now. You might not get another chance. Life is but a grain of sand sifting through our hands. What will happen this year? We will have to just wait and see.

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