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Labels Cause Division and Incite Wars

As a friend said: “Liberalism and Conservatism are the same disease, merely with different symptomatic manifestations”.

As a friend said: “Liberalism and Conservatism are the same disease, merely with different symptomatic manifestations”.

This was a post I wrote in response to the myriad of trolls that appeared on my Facebook posts in a matter of days, directly after the travel ban was placed into effect by the Trump administration. I personally think it created massive confusion and was not thought out properly.

Can I ask the “He is not my president” club members to please take a deep breath and try to relax? I am neither a Democrat nor am I a Republican. I am neither liberal nor conservative. I’m not far left nor am I far right. Therefore you are not permitted to label me, or put me in any box.

I understand things are crazy trust me, my head is spinning too. It would be a good idea for all of us to just simmer down. I have seen some of you losing your temper on my posts and it’s pretty embarrassing. I am not responsible for what Trump says or does. So why do you feel so compelled to blame me? Why do you think it’s ok to offend me, because you are offended by Trump? You’ll need to find another punching bag ASAP. My patience has run out.

Effective immediately, I will no longer tolerate your sarcastic, callous, unwarranted, bigoted, racist, and sexist comments, which clearly expose your sadistic underlining intentions. You are not interested in the truth, nor are you open to a mature dialogue, nor do you even like me for one reason or the other. I have been much too patient with you and will start eliminating you and your negative energy from my Facebook.

I am not going to defend Trump, I am not going to vehemently hate him and hurl insults at him either. I am not a fan of politicians in general. What I am going to do is see what he says and does and either disagree or agree with it.. and that’s about it. I will call him out for his bad decisions and speak about the good ones just the same. I will not make excuses for him or any other politician. I am not going to cover up and I will be neutral as much as possible. I was in the “Anyone but Hillary” club and still am. Ironically enough you use the same tactics and methods that you call Trump and his supporters out for against those who do not share your raging hate for him.

Do I go on anyone’s page and throw tantrums? No, therefore you shouldn’t feel that it is permissible to do that on my personal page. This is not a public forum.. my posts are public and they attract many new people but that does not mean we forgo all etiquette and decency.

If all you bring to my posts is negative energy, hate, prejudice, vulgarity and a nasty attitude then you are not welcome.

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4 Comments on Labels Cause Division and Incite Wars

  1. Habib J Manassa // February 7, 2017 at 6:02 am // Reply

    Great article! I really enjoyed reading this.

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  2. This is good stuff.

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