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It’s Friday night, I’m sitting in my favorite spot on my chestnut brown, leather, reclining sectional couch in my living room. When I started this article I was sitting in complete silence, now I am listening to Sia on my nextbook while typing. My hair was in a long braid earlier but now it is just down, where it completely covers my back. I am covered by a soft smurfs blanket. Drinking a hot cup of organic ginger turmeric herbal tea. Reflecting about the todays events.
This morning I decided to go to the Princeton city library and work on my new website that I initiated yesterday. I was happy to see that the apple computer with the massive screen was available for my use. It’s the one on the very edge of the long rectangular table closest to the fireplace.
On they way to the library two questions were doing summersaults in my mind. I decided to post them on Facebook and ask my friends. I always enjoy reading their unpredictable responses. The questions I asked were: Do you remember who you were before the world told you who to be? and Who are you? The myriad of answers ranged from comical, to intimate, from sincere to reserved… An array of answers one would expect from people who come from all walks of life from different corners of the world. Was there a reason behind my questions? Not at all.  More like a curiosity and a desire to know more about those who seem to know about me from my posts.
Lately I have taken an interest in knowing them and interacting on a deeper level and wanted to see how people would react when the answers were now presented by them to me. On a social media platform that can be accessed by hundreds, no thousands, no millions, even billions of other humans.
What was the result? Hundreds of likes and comments were generated from these two simple yet thought provoking questions. What does this prove? That regardless of our differences, political views, our socioeconomic backgrounds, our education, our races and religions, that if given a chance to express ourselves freely on a neutral platform many will take it. If presented with a neutral platform, free of judgement and expectations we will more likely engage with strangers. We might pickup on a comment that sparks our interest and possibly form a new friendship. Or engage in a little friendly exchange. When given a space where we feel a certain level of trust and respect which I would hope my friends feel is what I offer to them, that we will express ourselves without fear of ridicule or humiliation. I am inspired by the beautiful comments that I read. The more I learn about those that I am friends with on social media the more my faith in humanity grows. I hope to continue to connect with many people on social media and learn more about their thoughts and feelings through our interactions. If we choose to focus on our similarities we will realize just how similar we all are, we are one human race after all.
About Sarah Abed (87 Articles)
Independent journalist and political commentator. Focused on exposing the lies and propaganda in mainstream media news, as it relates to domestic and foreign policy with an emphasis on the Middle East. Contributed to various radio shows, news publications and spoken at forums. For media inquiries please email

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