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Explosives Dolls Left Behind by Daesh as Murderous Gifts for Children in Aleppo

The devil comes bearing gifts.


Imagine that you are an 8 year old child that has finally returned back to your home in what was referred to as East Aleppo until recently.

The same East Aleppo that was littered with terrorists and the infamous White Helmets that have shamelessly become a household name due to their $100,000,000+ in funding and frequent media publicity.

The same East Aleppo that was said to have “fallen” in mainstream media by presstitutes and fake activists on social media. The East Aleppo that had been terrorized for years and was under the intolerable extremists that western media playfully referred to as “modern rebels”.

The East Aleppo that has now been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army, Russian Airforce, Hezbollah and allies. You have now come back home.

One day while playing outside you find a doll, partially buried under some dirt and rocks that are a reminder of the sheer destruction your city has endured. You pick it up, you wipe the dirt off of it’s face, brush the dirt off of its dress and then with a big smile on your innocent face you hold the doll tight in a loving embrace…suddenly you feel sharp pain all over your body.. as you take your last breath, your lifeless body falls to the ground. Your soul leaves your body and rises to meet your creator. You have been the recipient of a gift from the terrorists. Your mother runs outside after hearing the explosion, she falls to the ground and screams and cries with horror as she sees your remains and the aftermath of the explosion. Her child has been reduced to blown apart pieces of flesh and blood. She looks up to Heaven and with her arms reaching for the sky cries out saying “whyyyyy”? She is wracked with hysterical grief.


This tactic of using explosives in seemingly ordinary toys is not unique to Aleppo, Syria.

Here are just two examples where ISIS has used this same devious, disgusting, child targeting ploy.

“Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have been discovered in toys across war-ravaged Mosul.” “In the two years the bomb unit has been searching for explosives, they have cleared 50 tons of explosives and discovered several homemade mines across schools, classrooms and five tons of bombs in the city of Sinjar alone”.

“ISIS has targeted children, civilians, enemy militants and has even targeted Kurdish bomb disposing engineers with decoy, easy-to-detect, mines meant to lure them to more deadly explosives buried beneath them”. According to

Another example was in Baghdad, Iraq. “The diabolical plan was to scatter all the dolls alongside the road between Baghdad and Karbala during the Arbaeen pilgrimage, which is a Shia Muslim annual religious observance” according to

Thankfully they were all found and disarmed before they could cause any casualties.

Unfortunately in Aleppo the children weren’t as lucky. Fares Shehabi states: “NATO “moderate rebels” left these explosive toys for our kids! Today three school children were killed! Hundreds of such toys remain hidden”.

Children, the most innocent among us should never become part of these adult wars but they are the silent victims.

Who will help end this war? Almost 6 years of death and destruction. Who will help these children’s regain a sense of normalcy?

These children could have been ours, or they could have even been you or me had we been born in war torn Syria.

This invasion has changed Syria and everyday that goes by the scars become deeper. I think Shakespeare accurately words what we are all thinking when we read about these tragedies.” Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

Daesh are devils of an unprecedented kind. Pray for the end of this war, pray for peace, pray for these innocent lives that have been lost due to this prepared, planned, and carefully executed invasion.

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7 Comments on Explosives Dolls Left Behind by Daesh as Murderous Gifts for Children in Aleppo

  1. Ron Chandler // February 5, 2017 at 12:40 am // Reply

    Excellent article Sarah. After World War II certain writers attempted to alert the public, using verbal evidence from the Nazi defendants at the Nuremburg trials, that the Nazi org was satanic. One wrote a book titled, ‘Spear of Destiny’ about this, but due to the luridness of Hitler’s worship of pagan artifacts, use of psychotropic drugs to bend his consciousness and his presence at invocations of hellish entities, it didn’t have much impact.
    Nevertheless within the Pentagon there are actual lieutenant-generals who are open satanists, and who have been accused of horrific crimes in their devil-worship. One such is named Aquino. He is not unique.
    Beyond the psychological warfare amounting to terrorism the US’ proxies in Syria use, there is a common thread that can be seen in the horror campaign against Donetz and the tradition of bestial gruesome psy-war in Latin America. John Negroponte, former ambassador in Bahgdad and a cerain Captain Steele were prominent in the ‘Sunni Awakening’ a mass torture campaign centred around Sunni districts, which traumatised whole populations and made Abu Ghraib pale by comparison. Hello, ISIS.
    I feel we must contemplate a means of addressing these demons in human form, and keep an information bank on them for use at a better future time when such orgs as the ICC are capable of prosecuting them. Otherwise it’s doubtful if crimes like this will ever be deterred.

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    • War is hell, Ron. Hitler-worship indeed. I don’t need to believe Jewish, Luciferian, and Hollywood fairy-tales about Hitler, who they seem to worship incessantly, while hood-winking the masses into believing that Germany under the NSDAP and Chancellor Hitler, aka Der Führer, was the worst regime the Earth has even known, rather than all the other genocidal powers during WW2. The most egregious power during WW2 was the sixth-power of elitists, who might claim to hate each-other, yet who funded, engineered, and profiteered from all-sides, during the war that they themselves fomented. I do not believe the Jewish lies about WW2, that they used to excuse the pre-planned theft of Palestine, and to extort reparations, when nobody-else got reparations, not even the Japanese, who got nuked twice, as a macabre experiment, when they were defeated, and attempting surrender.

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  2. I do not like to use religious terms as they distract from the roots of the problem and cloud the issue. People who set explosive traps for children are not functioning social beings and should be examined scientifically to find the cause of the malfunction. They have learned how to release destructive energy from unstable chemicals and how to destroy lives. They must now learn that this will hurt them as they are doing it. We must recognised the detonating systems and trigger these when we have identified the locations used by the bombers. In this way we do not have to make more weapons. Everyone who knows about explosives knows that there are many things that must be avoided or you will blow yourself up. This can be worked out by any schoolchild as all the information must be included in basic scientific education. The reason this logic is not carried out in practice is because it is not ‘money profitable’.

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    • The ones that are carrying out these acts are void of even a shred of human decency. These terrorists enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on people, it’s sadistic, vile, disgusting.. the list goes on. What we need to do is destroy the ideology that fosters this sort of hate for others. Wahhabism, Salafism, Takfirism.. these are the ideologies that need to be wiped off the face of the earth. Unfortunately religion does play a role when recruiting some of these lost souls.


  3. The ones inflicting pain and suffering on others are electrochemical organisms with the ability to think like the rest of us 7.4 billion humans.We need to find out why they are behaving in this way and to deliver a society in which we replace the motivation to harm with incentives to be happy and give comfort. The first step is to stop labeling people into groups because of the accident of their birth. The next step is to codify each group label into all spoken and written languages to permit understanding to spread universally. As this is happening we need to show that it is more enjoyable to use our time to the benefit of everyone rather than stockpile ‘wealth’ that we can never possibly use as individuals. Ideologies are templates for groups to compete with each other group and we must develop an ideology that unifies all humanity in tune with the natural laws of the universe.


    • This sounds great in theory but implementation would be close to a miracle. I completely agree with you that we need to find a solution and that this would benefit all of humanity. The issue is we are up against a Goliath that is being bolstered by religious figures known as Imam’s that are in essence brainwashing their followers. The source of the problem is Saudi Arabia, a formidable opponent with deep pockets and strong influence. Just as an example House of Said is commuting genocide in Yemen using weapons purchased from the USA and UK. Why does the West allow this to happen? To make a profit that’s why. Corruption is all around us if we just take a moment to really assess the situation we are in on a global scale.

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  4. My suggestion above is based on what is really happening NOW. This is clouded deliberately by those who are losing control. The monetary system is broken and being patched up desperately. Imams have entirely lost their power and are now money puppets. Wall Street has lost power over Saudi Arabia in the last few months and the power of the petrodollar is splitting apart. The proxy wars in Libya, Yemen and Syria have yielded no profit and Iraq is only just breaking even with 3,8 million barrels per day. Goliath is falling apart and the parts are fighting each other.

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