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Transcript for my Fox News Interview: The Truth about the War on Syria

Paul Mansfield surprised me with writing this astounding transcript for the Fox News interview that Kate Hefley Dalley and I did on 1/20/17. Thank you so much Paul for taking the time to do this. Your added humor and personality make this such an entertaining read. I really appreciate it and all of your love and support for the Syrian cause.
“Here is what I heard from the interview. Sorry Sarah and others if I misheard or misinterpreted.
Sarah Abed gives a masterful performance on the Kate Dalley Radio Show on FOX News 1450.
Sarah said (“please keep in mind this was my first interview and I wasn’t provided with any questions prior so don’t judge me too harshly lol) but I think it went pretty well.” Are you kidding me, it went like a house on fire.
Rattling off the reality of the war on Syria with the aplomb of an informed, honest Syrian American. Slayed em in the aisles. Left em breathless, gasping for more. Lina al-Shamy, Bilal Abdul Kareem, Raeed Saleh, Danny Dayem, Dily Hussain et al all squirming in their deep state funded seats looking for the nearest exit.
ISIS:  the US, the Gulf States Hiring “moderates’ to act as nothing more than terrorists for violent regime change.  Very little difference between the groups. Different names, same extreme ideology.
The wars in MENA are all based on lies, on pretexts. In Syria it was Assad is killing his civilians. The masters in lying.
Talked about the Wahabbist ideology which rejects all others as infidels. Fighting the ideology of Wahabbism as well as repelling the invaders.
The importance of the pipeline. Agreeing the Iran/Iraq/Syria pipeline & rejecting the Qatar/Saudi Arabia/Jordan/Syria/Turkey pipeline signed Assad’s death warrant. The pipelines are the geopolitical reality behind the conscious decision to overthrow Assad which is totally independent of the conditions inside Syria.
No pre-warning of the war. Only those stockpiling weapons in the Daraa mosque and the Muslim Brotherhood planners behind them knew of the coming war.
Syria fueled by propaganda like no other war. If not for the foreign mercenaries the war would have been over in a month. Mercenaries bought in to kill Syrian soldiers and overthrow the state.
The Muslim Brotherhood sees no place in Syria for Shia, Christians and Druze. Syria was a secular country living without fear, now transformed into a Sectarian war by the Wahabbist ideology.
Aleppo wasn’t a doomsday scenario, it was a joyful liberation. The White Helmets one of the biggest propaganda operations you have ever seen.  Over $100 million in funding and counting. Members acting to solicit donations. Funding the WH is unfortunately funding terrorism. Explaining the educative aspect informing people of who the WH are. Understanding some people are well intentioned but duped.
The WH are not the people you think. Cooperating with the Al-Qaeda (JFS) led terrorist groups. WH are not the real Syrian Civil Defense. There is actually a Real Syrian Civil Defense.
The Syrian Red Crescent providing legitimate much needed aid to people in Aleppo.
 Idlib is now terrorist central.
Vanessa Beeley talking to locals, to get the unfiltered opinions of people.  Telling people the hidden story. Putting the information out there and let people decide for themselves. Truth advocacy countering the mainstream media.
The Battle for Deir Ezzor. (More to be written about this) Back on 17 September the US coalition “accidentally” hit the Syrian army with airstrikes, killing more than 80.  150,000 civilians are under siege, with the city split. The people face the prospect of a massacre due to this “accidental” strike which was a huge setback for the SAA and a huge shot in the arm for ISIS. The “accident” claim lacks credibility taking into account the advanced technology of the US military.
In the historic city of Palmyra ISIS destroyed the world famous ampitheatre, a treasured part of Syrian cultural heritage.
Russia and Syria knew the Qatar pipeline was part of the US/Saudi Arabia/Qatar plan to challenge and weaken Russia’s supply of gas to Europe. Russia and Syria are long term allies.
Syria did well in the first couple of years of the war. Became overwhelmed by the supply of terrorist fighters and weapons and legally invited Russia in, along with Hezbollah and Iran. It is not a civil war; it is a war on Syria. Terrorists are mercenaries paid to kill people in Syria and overthrow the government on behalf of foreign governments waging a war of aggression via proxy forces.
Told us who Hillary Clinton, the Goddess of War really is. Anyone but Hillary Sarah said. (I agree 100%). Trump needs to be given a chance. Has said some good things about helping Russia defeat ISIS. He needs to be given a chance to live up to his word.
The US does not need to be the world’s policeman. Syria doesn’t need the US installing a puppet government; it will make its decisions itself. The US government is supplying weapons to terrorists. If you or I did that we would be in prison.
Mentioned some of the people who have approached the war on Syria with honesty and integrity. Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Hands off Syria, endthesanctions, Tim Anderson, Steven Sahouine, Almasdar News, Danny Makki, Jan Oberg, Andrew Ashdown, Mark Taliano, SANA, Jamila Eyes and many others.
Sarah said she wants people to know they have been lied to for years. Don’t listen to CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera. You are getting NATO/US scripted war propaganda. (Fakerstan media I say, the presstitutes as Paul Craig Roberts calls them).
We are getting news direct from Syrians on the ground, telling it like it is.”
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  1. Trump had his chance and he blew it.


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