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Trustworthy Syrian Charity

If you would like to donate please click here

When it comes to donating to people in need in Syria, one must be very cautious and know exactly where their money is going. Due to the sanctions and many dishonest organizations that are trying to make a profit from the war on Syria, I am very weary about recommending a charity to help Syrians. This is the only one I can recommend and stand behind because my friend Hanin Elias is the one that will personally deliver the donations and is working with local organizations that will direct her to those who are the most in need for assistance. In September Hanin was in Syria and using the donations she received she purchased school supplies, school uniforms, and book bags for many school children. She documents every step of the process with receipts, pictures and video so that you can see exactly how every penny is spent. She completely funds her own travel expenses therefore 100% of the donations go directly to the needy. Hanin will be going to Syria in April 2017 for a week.

My name is Hanin Elias, you might know me from my music career, I have now decided to focus to help those in need.
I am preparing a trip to the Middle East with a good friend: Andrew G. Szabo. We cover our own expenses such as flight tickets and accommodation, but we are asking for your donations for needy families who suffer from international economic sanctions and have lost everything to the war. These families lack in priority: protein and vitamins, medicine, heating oil, warm shoes and clothes.
People lost their homes and dignity, they are traumatized, and the western press is not paying attention to their suffering. During my visit I will visit churches and local orphanages, newly rebuilt or retaken schools to see how our help can be used in the most effective way.
We will post film and photos and stay in touch with you, so you can see what we use the donations for.
Let’s help rebuild and support the people of a country that was known for its genuine hospitality and amazing culture.
Remember I pay for my own expenses, so everything you donate will be used to help.
Thank you, Hanin.                                        

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7 Comments on Trustworthy Syrian Charity

  1. I really want to donate, but it does not say the website is secure. I can’t risk giving out my credit card number and CVC number and other information without guarantee of a secure site. Maybe you could connect to pay pal so people could pay that way where it is guaranteed safe.

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  2. Let me see what Hanin says, she’s the one that created it. I am just helping to spread the word. I know many have donated. I’ll get back to you.


    • Thanks Sarah but the link just brings me to her email, not PayPal. I can’t believe how difficult that makes it to try to share this and allow more people to donate. Why can’t she set up PayPal on this page? Or start a second page for PayPal and maybe it wont get shutdown. If it isn’t PayPal then people I know won’t donate. They need to know it is secure and their credit info is not going to be stolen.


  3. Sarah I just emailed her regarding this. Thank you for your help.


  4. Kujtim Dani // March 27, 2017 at 4:37 pm // Reply

    Please send me email Link for donations
    Trustworthy Syrian Charity

    Kind Regards
    Kujtim Dani


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