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“Voices from Al Hasaka” a series in collaboration with Jamila Assi (Jamilaeyes/Shababeek)

Read the first article in the series here: Voices from Al Hasaka

Article written by Jamila Assi, interviews conducted and information obtained by Sarah Abed.

Al-Hasaka governorate , Syria’s most diverse community, in danger of ethnic fighting more than any time before.

In these episodes we will be delivering voices of people in Al-Hasaksah whom we spoke to through Sarah Abed.

Facts and opinions included in this series are all based on testimonies of our contacts in the governorate.

#Syria #Hasakah #Kurds #Kurdish #Assyrians #Armenians #Arab #Muslim #Christian #people #life #US #Russia #SyrianArmy #politics #division #unity

About Sarah Abed (122 Articles)
Independent journalist and political commentator. Focused on exposing the lies and propaganda in mainstream media news, as it relates to domestic and foreign policy with an emphasis on the Middle East. Contributed to various radio shows, news publications and spoken at forums. For media inquiries please email

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