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Britain and US Sponsor a Proposal to Balkanize Southern Syria

Sources for “Arab 21” state a proposal was sponsored by Britain and the United States of America, for the formation of autonomy in southern Syria.

According to the sources, the proposal includes a provision independent of the Syrian government, in the provinces of Daraa and Sweida, where several meetings were held between the leaders of the Jordanian clans who are related to local residents in Daraa presented to them this proposal.

According to private information received by “Arab 21”, one of the military commanders, who asked not to be named, this proposal is still within the framework of public debates, but is rejected by faction leaders in Houran.

In the Houran area, a number of projects have recently been launched calling for the establishment of self-government in the country, most recently the “autonomy project for the southern region of Syria”, which bears no name or sign, and calls for the establishment of administrative and political rule to manage and manage the southern region , Which includes the governorates of Daraa, Sweida and Quneitra, and consists of three authorities; represented by the Parliament of the Territory, the Government of the Territory, and the Supreme Council of the Judiciary.

The five-page “Arab21” project includes the stages of establishing self-rule for the southern Syrian region, which is “the first establishment in which a constituency is formed to elect a constituent assembly and then elect a first parliament; The local constitution of the province is also formed. The protection force of the region is composed of the fighting factions and volunteers from the region, in parallel with the expulsion of the Syrian regime forces and the militants carrying non-national ideas. This phase also includes the establishment of an internal security and police force, Judicial Of justice and all. “

With regard to the second phase, direct parliamentary and presidential elections are held, in accordance with the provisions of the local constitution of the Territory.

The third and final phase includes the establishment of the authority of the region to work with the rest of the Syrian parties to find the foundations and mechanisms for the political solution in the country that would achieve the political transition of power in Syria.

The project’s authors attribute importance to several points, including “the political stability of the southern region and the end of the Syrian “regime”, and the expulsion of the state and other extremist forces to achieve the security of the region and achieve a gradual step on the path of political transition in Syria and the establishment of a political and administrative pillar in the southern region of the country , containing weapons revolution in a formal military bloc and one subject to the authority and the rule of the region and direction”.

A project was held in April 2017 in the governorate of Daraa under the name of “Covenant Document” and calls for administrative decentralization, in line with the political transition document submitted by the Supreme Negotiations Authority. The “House of Justice in Houran” in charge of self-management in the desired shield. However, the document provoked wide controversy and sharp criticism immediately after it spread, as it was establishing a project that would help divide Syria by applying an independent model of government in Daraa, according to critics.

Popular rejection at large

In the last two weeks, revolutionary institutions and events from Daraa, and Syria in general, signed a copy of “Arab21” in which it declared its categorical rejection of “any project calling for the separation of Syria from Syria and any project to separate any part of a unified Syria.” To “not give up any part of its land (Syria), and no change in the map of the country.”

The statement called on all factions and institutions to refrain from dealing with any party that supports the “partial or total separation of Houran” from Syria and “besieging any project calling for the separation of Houran” or any part of Syria. The signatories also confirmed the complete rejection of “covenant document in the Horan” categorically.

The statement also referred to the actions of the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, which he said supported “the establishment of an independent Kurdish entity” in northeastern Syria, stressing its total rejection, stressing that “the Kurds are an integral part of the homeland.” The signatories also rejected “acts of demographic change by the parties in Syria, which lead to the division of Syria demographically on ethnic and sectarian considerations,” according to the statement.

Among the most prominent signatories to the above mentioned are the Justice House in Horan, the Daraa Free Council, the Horan Sons Association, the Southern Clans Council, the Union of Local Councils in Daraa, the Governorate Council of Quneitra, the Directorate of Awqaf Daraa and the Syrian Islamic Council. The former Minister of Information and Mohammed Al-Zu’bi, the Syrian National Coalition Ambassador in Qatar Nizar Al-Harki, the Coalition member Sheikh Mutai Al-Bateen, the Governor of Quneitra Dirar Al-Bashir, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sayasneh, Sheikh Usama Al-Rifai, Abdul Karim Bakkar and other names and institutions.

For his part, Ibrahim Al-Samadi, one of the signatories to the statement and one of the commissioners to follow a petition rejecting self-rule in the south of Syria, that there is wide consensus in Hauran to reject the project of the independent region, not only by civil actors, Has for some time made joint arrangements with leaders who reject this proposal to blow it up completely.

In an exclusive interview with “Arab21”, Al-Smadi pointed out that a “national alternative” project is being worked out, while the Houran factions are working to assert their position on regional pressures through “the battle of death and humiliation”.

Original article in arabic located at: Arab21

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