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Trump’s First International trip: Religious Pilgrimage or Blood Money Alliance?

Includes my Sputnik Radio Trendstorm Interview and Transcript

The Article by Sputnik News

This past Thursday I was asked to come on Trendstorm a Sputnik Radio Show with host Andrew Korybko. The topic of discussion was President Trump’s first International trip. A trip that was meant to unite the world’s three main religions. His trip would start in Saudi Arabia, then “Isreal” and finish in Rome. Here is a rough transcript of the interview. 

Here is the audio of the interview:


The Interview Q/A:

Question 1: Trump’s clearly trying to send the message that only the US can bring together all three main religions, so what’s your reaction to this talking point that his team’s trying to push, and how successful will his trip be in conveying this both to his domestic audience and abroad?

Answer: Well, first of all, the US has no credibility whatsoever in the role of “peacemaker”. Considering its track record of foreign intervention, war, and invasions. Many of which were based on lies. I will focus on the first two countries on his International trip when it comes to their religious ideologies.

– the key point I’d like to make in regards to Saudi Arabia is that it promotes the Wahhabist ideology AS Islam

-Wahhabism is not at all representative of true Islam

-Islam does not sanction the kind of takfiri style actions of Daesh, from which Saudi Arabia is the literal ideological wellspring

-In KSA there is no other words, a bunch of ignorant, uneducated, Wahhabi elite Sheikhs each issue their own verdicts according to their understanding of the kingdom’s “sharia law”. 

-In regards to KSA and their involvement with 9/11 Trump had said.. “In all fairness, we went after Iraq, they did not knock down the WTC we decimated the country, but it wasn’t the Iraqi’s, you may find it was the Saudi’s”..

-Saudi’s and Israeli’s are on the same page. What drives politics in the middle east? Oil and arms.

-Israel’s subversive and terroristic acts in the region indicate that peace and unity are not something they want. Just two examples are their attacks in Syria and Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

-He is establishing a close alliance with the Saudi’s and Israelis similar to that of George W. Bush’s foreign policy not for religious reasons but for political and financial reasons under the guise of bringing together all three major religions.

Question 2: Aside from symbolism, we see some serious substance when it comes to Saudi Arabia and Israel, the first which is reported to be negotiating a $100 million arms deal and the second which could be involved in prospective US-brokered talks with the Palestinians. How do both of these key elements factor into Trump’s unipolar power play?

Answer: I wouldn’t necessarily agree that what Trump is doing amounts to his “unipolar power play” because that presumes he’s calling the shots..I think I’d sooner place a wager at one of his roulette tables than bet on that. So whatever Trump said before he became president, regarding his criticism of KSA clearly has changed.

-When Donald Trump was inaugurated the main plank of his foreign policy was a global war and to unite the civilized world against “Radical Islamic terrorism”, he proudly said we are protected by our military, and most importantly we will be protected by God.

-Yet, the Kingdom most associated with “global Islamic terrorism” is where he is going on the first leg of his international trip. This shows a major shift in his stance.

-The arms deal to KSA is worthy of contempt and scorn..and makes the US look like complete hypocrites in our stated goal of “fighting state-sponsored terrorism in the region” need look no further than Yemen to understand why. The United states and UK are selling arms to KSA who are committing genocide against innocent Yemeni’s.

-As for the US-brokered talks with Palestinians, This is a difficult one to answer in substance..because nothing has happened yet..and it’s quite possible that nothing will.  In other words, any answer I give will be purely speculative in nature.

-The White House can’t even seem to agree on whether they will allow an Israeli escort into the West Bank.

Question 3: This is Trump’s first foreign trip and it comes with religious-civilizational symbolism and unipolar substance, so overall, how do you see this advancing his ideology of “America First”?

Answer: America First or Make America Great Again are quite frankly nothing more than cheap campaign slogans that he used to get votes.  There is no substance to them at all.

-Just to take a look at what he has accomplished so far domestically:

– he managed to advance a health care bill that’s actually worse than Obamacare

– he tried to implement a “Muslim ban” which caused public outrage, currently being held up by the court.

– his budget and tax cut proposal probably isn’t gonna fare much better by the looks of it

– he got the Keystone KL pipeline stomping on the Native Americans in that area..and then reneged on his promise to use American Steel to build it

-His non-interventionist foreign policy which won over many people who were opposed to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy is appearing to be nothing more than a continuation of that of his predecessors Obama and Bush.

Rough transcript from May 4th Trump Announcing his First International Trip as President:

“Tolerance is the cornerstone of peace”, Trump stated.

Major and Historic Announcement

First foreign trip as president

KSA, Israel, and Rome

Ahead of NATO and G7 meetings

Gathering in KSA

KSA Custodian of the 2 holy sites in Islam

New foundation of cooperation and support with Muslim allies

Combat extremism, terrorism, and violence

Embrace a just and hopeful future for young Muslims in their country

Our task is not to dictate to others how they live but to build a coalition of friends and partners who share a goal of fighting terrorism and bringing safety, opportunity, and stability to war-ravaged ME.

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