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Response to The Daily Caller Article: U.S. Christians Must Stand Up For Our Middle Eastern Brothers And Sisters

My response to this article: U.S. Christians Must Stand Up For Our Middle Eastern Brothers And Sisters

Published on: The Daily Caller Written by Alex Titus – Political Analyst

The Assyrian Virgin Mary Church in Tel Nasri, Syria, was destroyed by ISIS on April 5, 2015.

Mr. Titus, although I agree with you that Christians from around the world should support their fellow brothers and sisters in faith in the Middle East, I encourage you to learn more about Christians in Syria before spreading misinformation. Also, the last thing these nations or any other nation in fact needs is increased military intervention by the United States. What they need is for the U.S. and their allies to stop funding terrorists and to leave these sovereign countries alone. Increased military and political operations have profoundly hurt foreign countries rather than helped them. These “humanitarian interventions” are nothing short of illegal invasions and have cost millions of innocent people their lives.

You incorrectly claim that “Christians in Syria face no better fate, as they are trapped in the middle of a bloody civil war between the Assad regime and the Islamic rebels. As the civil war has raged on, more than one million Christians have fled Syria, according to World Watch Monitor, a publication that tracks Christian persecution across the globe.”

I disagree with your statement for the following reasons:

1. Syria was the only secular, nonsectarian, and united country in the Middle East before the U.S. manufactured an insurrection. Their ultimate goal being to destabilize the sovereign nation and eventually overthrowing its democratically elected president. They had hoped to implement their one size fits all “regime change” MO through by fomenting a sectarian war in Syria. But clearly they have failed.

Former NATO commander Wesley Clark has gone on record as stating that Syria was on a list of targeted nations to be toppled by the U.S. as early as 2001. In 2002, former Secretary of State John Bolton gave a speech titled “Beyond the Axis of Evil” that listed Syria as a handful of nations that could expect to be targeted. 2011. The war in Syria never was a true organic uprising, nor was it a civil war, referring to it as such is simply incorrect and after six years of death and destruction it’s quite frankly an insult to mislabel this war if you truly care about writing the truth and not just parroting the deviant US/NATO narrative.

In 2011, an uprising was manufactured in the Syrian city of Dara’a, and Syrians desperate for economic change joined the calls for “freedom.” Mainstream media outlets have largely described the uprisings as being part of a “protest movement” made up of demonstrators who demand the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. But in reality, the main organizers and leaders of this so-called protest movement have been revealed to be U.S.-backed insurgents and foreign militants who have been armed, trained and funded by U.S. and NATO proxies for the purpose of destabilizing Syria though sectarianism.

CIA-backed Muslim Brotherhood assets were already in place to snipe at both police and protesters the day the first demonstrations broke out. Since then, the CIA has funneled hundreds of billions of dollars, as well as staggering amounts of arms, to jihadist recruits, many of whom have poured into Syria from surrounding countries.

The narrative most commonly put forth in mainstream media portrays the Syrian conflict as a popular uprising. However, a closer examination of the events that occurred in Dara’ain March 2011 – commonly described as the beginning of the conflict – reveals substantial and compelling evidence that not only contradicts the mainstream media’s portrayal but also strongly suggests the involvement, both financially and militarily, of outside influences and actuators.

2. Christians were not persecuted by the Syrian government which you have incorrectly referred to as the “Assad regime”. Syrians coexisted peacefully regardless of their faith and were free to practice their religion. Have you seen how many times President Assad and his family have visited churches, monasteries, and what kind of a wonderful relationship they have with church leaders? Have you spoken to Christian leaders in Syria who have stated time and time again that President Assad PROTECTS Christians in Syria? Have you talked to Syrian Christians and gotten their feedback or did you just go with the msm demonization campaign that furthers the “regime change” NATO/US narrative which was implemented ironically enough right after the imposed war started in 2011?

The above video contains Muslim and Christian vocal music from the rainbow region of religions. While Europe tries to establish new national identities based on pluralism, the world’s oldest religious diversity is about to fall apart before the eyes of a paralytic world. KKV’s Erik Hillestad has made recordings of profoundly beautiful sacral music from historic Syria. Recordings were made of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and their Lebanese fellow believers, in churches and mosques in Beirut and the Bekaa valley. Here Christian and Muslim singers perform in choirs, at times delicately accompanied by oud, organ, flute or violin.

Also, have you looked into the statistics of Christians that have returned back to Syria? Or the ones that refused to leave and live in government held areas? Or the ones that are in the Northern region where the US backed Kurds are trying to illegally and immorally balkanize the country and claim that land which belonged to Assyrians/Armenians/and Aramean’s is theirs even though historical accounts will prove that simply isn’t true?

Have you taken the time to research the number of churches in Syria? Or that Malula and Sayd Naya are historically Christian areas that still speak Aramaic the language that Jesus spoke? There were no religious or sectarian issues among Syrians before the US got involved. Even today the majority of Syrians live peacefully together and are working hand in hand to rebuild what the West attempted to destroy.  It is completely unfair of you to blame the Syrian government who has been extremely kind and tolerant of all faiths for Christians leaving Syria. Many of whom plan on returning, and many of whom have returned. Why would they return to government held areas if they were scared of the “Assad regime”?

“People want to go out and peacefully ask for certain changes, but Muslim Salafi groups are sneaking in with their goal, which is not to make changes for the betterment of Syria but to take over the country with their agenda,” one Syrian Christian leader told the International Christian Concern.

There is little awareness in the West of the presence of important Christian communities in the Arab world. If today there is a bit more awareness, this is due to the very embattled position of Christian minorities in Iraq, Syria and, to a lesser degree, Egypt. The horrific violence of the present has given added momentum the notion that Muslims harbor an inherent hostility to Christians, and that what we witness today is simply the latest in a series of acts of hostility and violence of Muslims against Christians that goes back centuries. This story, of course, does not square with the fact that Christianity has persisted in the region of its birth, and that Christians have thrived and co-existed with Muslims here since the rise of Islam in the 7th century.

A few days ago, President Assad along with his family visited Saydnaya. They visited the site of the Holy Cross Monastery accompanied by clergymen and shared lunch with orphaned children of the Little Angel House.#Saydnaya #Syria

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