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Syria: Kurdish SDF and Daesh an Unholy Alliance Consecrated by the U.S.

After six years of death and destruction which resulted from a carefully calculated and executed invasion and staged war against the sovereign country of Syria, a sense of normalcy is returning to most parts of the country. Many civilians have returned to their homes in government-held areas, and are living as normal a life as possible, given the fact that they are still under the threat of attack by one of the many terrorist factions embedded in the country.

Although the Syrian government and people in every sector are trying to repair and rebuild what the West and their allies have destroyed, the fact remains that Syria is still involved in an ongoing, internationally imported, and unjustly imposed war. 

Written by: Sarah Abed October 3rd, 2017

Infamous Kurdish terrorist, “Abu Aisha Al-Kurdi”, carried out a suicide bombing vs. #Iraq‘s army west of Makhmur. Image Credit Haidar Sumeri on Twitter.

In a last-ditch effort to continue the war in Syria and destroy all of the progress that has been made to return stability to the country, the United States is combining its ‘on the ground’ terrorist proxies to create a formidable force against the Syrian Arab Army and its allies. Testimonies, pictures, investigations, and confessions have all brought to light a claim that cooperation between the SDF and other terrorist factions exists in Syria, which has been previously stated by myself and others that are following the Syrian conflict closely. Although reputable sources have proven that these unorthodox partnerships exist, these statements have been mostly ignored by the international community. In previous articles, I have brought attention to these alliances, here is one such article.

The Kurdish link to Daesh (ISIS) is one of importance and worthy of conversation. Kurdish alliances with armed terrorist groups in Syria – particularly Daesh – are very telling signs as to what extremes separatist Kurdish militias such as the YPG and PKK will go in order to bring their ideological manifestation of an independent, autonomous Kurdistan into existence within the borders of the sovereign country of Syria. These collaborations are also a clear indication that the US is willing to make unorthodox alliances if it translates to continuous instability and division in the region.

The SDF is mostly comprised of the Kurdish YPG militia, which unanimously declared the “federalization” of what they call “Rojava,” or “Western Kurdistan,” in March 2016. The leaders of the SDF announced that they’ll try to annex the majority-Arab city of Raqqa if they manage to liberate it.

In June of 2017, Kurds were actively involved in ethnically cleansing Arabs from Raqqa en masse in order to pave the way for the city’s annexation to their unilaterally declared “Federation” after its forthcoming capture.

SDF working with Daesh

The most evident contradiction to the supposed Kurdish Independence “Revolution” to be noted is that the Kurds in the SDF are working with the U.S. through its so-called “Operation Inherent Resolve,” which is the official name for its anti-Daesh operations. But at the same time, the U.S.-led coalition, including Kurdish armed units, lets “militants of the Islamic State terrorist group leave Raqqa instead of killing them,” according to Sergey Surovikin, the commander of Russia’s force grouping in Syria.

“Instead of eliminating terrorists guilty of killing hundreds and thousands of Syrian civilians, the U.S.-led coalition together with the (Syrian) Democratic Forces enters into collusion with ringleaders of ISIL, who give up the settlements they had seized without fighting and head to the provinces where the Syrian government forces are active,” he said.

Sputnik Arabic was able to talk to Husma Shaib, a Syrian expert on armed groups in Syria who explained why the SDF is comparable to the al-Nusra Front and what the actual aim of their operations in Syria is.

The loosely-knit coalition of Syrian rebel groups, including Kurdish factions, known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), are armed, trained and backed by the U.S.

“In Syria, we regard these forces as unlawful military formations which operate outside of the legal environment. They are the same as terrorist units like al-Nusra Front and Daesh. The Syrian Democratic Forces do not coordinate their activities with the Syrian Army. We regard them as terrorists,” Shaib told Sputnik.

More recent examples of collaborations between the Kurdish led SDF and Daesh have been reported by multiple sources. Two such examples are listed below.

Almasdar News reported on September 26th, 2017:

A video has just been released on social media showing the interview of an ISIS fighter from Deir Ezzor who admits that the terrorist group’s forces in the region are forbidden by their commanders from attacking US-backed, Kurdish-led militias.The interviewee, Mohammed Moussa al-Shawwakh, says that his group, tasked with defending the area around the Conoco Gas Fields, was ordered to allow Kurdish forces to enter the strategic site. The order, he says, came from a top regional emir (leader) called Abu Zaid.The ISIS fighter’s confession goes on to mention that Kurdish-led forces were also allowed to enter other gas and oil fields in the region in order to make propaganda videos.

Mohammed finishes the interview by saying that he knows for a fact that the US is attempting to establish an alliance between Kurdish forces and ISIS in Deir Ezzor province in order to undermine government-led military efforts to liberate the region.

Author and Journalist Brandon Turbeville wrote on September 28th, 2017:

On September 24, the Russian Ministry of Defense may have corroborated what many researchers and journalists familiar with the Syrian crisis have been exposing all along; that the United States is working directly with ISIS on the ground and that its SDF forces are doing so as well. The Russian MOD has released photos allegedly depicting U.S. forces and ISIS working alongside one another against Russian and Syrian forces in Deir ez-Zour.

Why Are Kurds Joining Daesh?

For over a year, Kurdish forces have united in defense against bloody Daesh attacks. So how has Daesh still managed to recruit hundreds of young Kurds to fight for the caliphate against their own families?

“There are Kurdish families in Halabja whose sons are in IS [Daesh] and their hearts are broken, but I’ll never go to their funerals,” said the grieving mother of Kaihan Borhan, a Kurd who died fighting with the Peshmerga against Daesh. Her family is distraught that the people responsible for his death could well be Kurdish nationals.

“I have a friend whose brother died fighting for ISIS,” said Kaihan’s brother. “I never grieved for him and my friend cannot bear to look me in the eye.” Here, we can see the path to extremism that many Kurds have taken. Dissatisfaction with the Kurdish intelligence service, Asayish’s persecution of Muslims and domestic grievances are being skilfully exploited by Daesh through the use of propaganda, led by Khattab Al-Kurdi and his Saladin Brigade.

“With God’s permission we will sow the seeds of the Caliphate throughout our land,” said Khattab, who has been one of the most persuasive forces in luring Kurds towards the caliphate. Even with Khattab’s reported death in April 2015, the threat of more Kurds joining Daesh seems unlikely to diminish, with a new Kurdish imam carrying the rhetoric forward.

In 2014 Associated Press wrote about some Kurds aiding and joining Daesh saying:

“Ethnic Kurds are helping members of the Islamic State group in the battle for the key Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, sharing their knowledge of the local terrain and language with the extremists, according to Iraqi and Kurdish officials. It is not clear how many Kurds are aiding the estimated 3,000 Islamic State militants in the Kobani area — and fighting against their own Kurdish brethren — but activists say they are playing a major role in the 7-week-old conflict near the Turkish border.

A top military commander for the extremists in the town is an Iraqi Kurd, known by the nom de guerre of Abu Khattab al-Kurdi, helping them in the battle against fellow Kurds. Officials with the main Syrian Kurdish force known as the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, say they became aware of the Kurds among the mostly Sunni Muslim extremists early in the fighting”…”Mustafa Bali, a Kurdish activist in Kobani, said that by having Kurdish fighters, Islamic State extremists are trying to win the hearts and minds of Syrian Kurds in the area. “Daesh is trying to tell the people of Kobani that it does not consider them enemies and its fighters include Kurds,” Bali said.

Kurds selling weapons given to them from Germany to fight against Daesh

Reporters from German broadcasters NDR and WDR found several G3 assault rifles and a P1 pistol, all engraved with the initials “BW” for Bundeswehr – Germany’s military – in the northern Iraqi cities of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.

The weapons apparently came from stocks that the German government delivered to the Kurdish autonomous government in northern Iraq. The weapons were intended to be used in the fight against the Daesh. Several members of Germany’s Green and Left parties have long raised concerns in parliament that arms delivered to Peshmerga fighters could fall into the wrong hands.

There have been several credible reports since the U.S.-led military alliance formed to help combat Daesh in Syria and Iraq of American-supplied weapons falling into the hands of unallied militias and even Daesh itself.

The U.S. has armed the Kurds and supported their efforts since helping them establish the Syrian Democratic Forces on Oct. 10, 2015. The U.S. needed to fund a group within Syria that was fighting against Daesh, but that was not as extremist as the Free Syrian Army, which was outed as being affiliated with al-Qaeda.
Per South Front on October 1, 2017, Omid Kabar a commander of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said, at a funeral for SDF fighters who were killed in Raqqa city, that the SDF will not handover al-Tabqah town or any other area to the Syrian government.

“The regime says we will hand over our regions or al-Tabqah town to the regime’s army … Our people must realize that within five years of our revolution as the People Protection Units and after our alliance with other factions in the name of Syrian Democratic Forces, we have not handed over any inch of our land… We will never hand it over. Our law is clear. The land that is watered with the blood of the martyrs belongs to the people and we will not hand them over to any force,” Kabar said.

The U.S. has stated that its main reason for being in Syria is to fight Daesh, but its actions have proven otherwise. Its true mission is to destabilize the country by assisting the Kurds through the SDF and other armed opposition forces in liberating land that can be used as a bargaining tool in future negotiations.

Featured Image: Infamous Kurdish terrorist, “Abu Aisha Al-Kurdi”, carried out a suicide bombing vs. #Iraq‘s army west of Makhmur. Credit Haidar Sumeri on Twitter.

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8 Comments on Syria: Kurdish SDF and Daesh an Unholy Alliance Consecrated by the U.S.

  1. One can only imagine what Syria’s U.N. Ambassador Bashar Jaafari leans on for spiritual strength considering the profound challenge he’s faced over the past seven tragic years. In his October 2 address at the U.N., at a meeting on stopping international terrorism, he did what he’s done since the violence began in 2011: spoke the truth.

    This is the last segment:

    “As such foreign terrorist fighters began, as the UN calls them, began to flow into Syria through a well-planned process which involved governments and intelligence agencies. Tens of thousands of passports were issued and tourists visa entries into countries neighbouring Syria and Iraq, air flights and itineraries were devised by government intelligence agencies in order to make them untraceable. Some terrorists were even forced to travel through more than five international airports or airports on the same day.

    “This is documented in Interpol documents and in the UN counter-terrorism entities. As for weapons and training camps … and operations rooms were ready in the countries surrounding Syria and Iraq waiting to receive these terrorists, whom have been labeled as the moderate armed opposition. This is of course an opposition that has been genetically modified, because they are foreigners, but we are requested to call them moderate armed Syrian opposition.”

    “The involved governments and their intelligence officers supervised this process, who have secured their arrival in Syria, then some of these governments were involved in illegal trade in oil and Syrian artifacts from Iraq and Syria. On top of all of this, some member state governments ignored what is happening on the internet and on social networks by way of spreading extremist ideology and calls to hate and bear arms, and to fund and donate to terrorists in Syria and Iraq by calling them Mujahideen.”

    “And so, increased arrival of terrorist fighters have been facilitated to Syria and Iraq, until today encrypted messages are used to wage terrorist attacks everywhere on Earth. Mr. Chairman, What I have presented now is only an example of our suffering through seven years of terrorism, but it proves a fact that influential segments of the international community still lacks the political will to combat terrorism.”

    “What we demand, ladies and gentlemen, is real political will to combat terrorism and to hold its supporters and financiers accountable. More precisely, we want to cut off the snake’s head, and not only to chase after its tail.”


    The institutions of international law in their current state are incapable of deterring, slowing or stopping the kinds of major war crimes as have occurred in Syria from 2011-2017. That missing capacity and its repair or strengthening to effectiveness at stopping wars of aggression is where the debate resides, and should be at the top of the list for all men and women serious about war and peace.

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  2. nooraza othman // October 5, 2017 at 6:24 am // Reply

    The Syrian, Iran, Iraq and Turkish Govt. must collaborate militarily to defeat absolutely this most evil TERRORIST ZioNa*i Kurdish/IS alliances as created by rogue Terrorist NA*O-US/ISra*l! Also to reclaim back every inch of the indigenous non-Kurdish Muslim/Orthodox Christian land as GRABBED/ROBBED by this Terrorist alliance in forming the horrifying second ISrael of Zionist ‘Kurdistan’ across Syria and Iraq! Where is that HYPOOCRITE ZioNa*is UN/ICC?!

    Hence, this has been part of the most evil rogue Terrorist NA*O-US/IS-ra*l regimes’ plan all along; create the Cannibal/Necrophiliac/Pedophile IS/ISIS/ISIL (as Snowden revealed these most vicious terrorist groups are actually created by MOSSAD/CIA) and Al-Qaeda, as Weapons of Mass Destruction /WMD; and break up Muslim-ruled nations such as Afghanistan/Pakistan, and Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the whole Middle-East, that will include Palestine on the whole (especially to annihilate Gaza by the Mediterranean Sea and West Bank by the Dead Sea – most ZioNazi maps have already completely wiped out Gaza/West bank and the whole Occupied Palestine) – in order, for the creation of rogue TERRORIST NATO-US/ISrael’s double-face puppet regime, ZioNa*i Kurdistan. Thus, simultaneously, Russia is also being countered as their main rival geopolitical-economic influence in the Middle East.

    Such creation of Imperialist Zionist Kurdistan, is also in order for NA*O-US/ISra*l to CONQUER geopolitically and economically, the great Tigris-Euphrates River system and Valleys (with all their main tributaries and branches), the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea (of the great ancient historical Mesopotamian, Anatolian and Persian regions and civilizations, that cover the Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittites and Persian Empires in Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq – hence, why studying the maps are very important to understand why most of the areas conquered by the IS and Kurdish Terrorists in Iraq and Syria, are mainly by these Euphrates/Tigris River system or by the Mediterranean Sea; suspected also as the easiest way to bring in heavy weapons through NA*O-US/ISra*l’s ultra-deep sea/river Nuclear Submarines)!

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  3. I am truly happy to glance at this website posts which carries lots
    of valuable facts, thanks for providing such statistics.


  4. nooraza othman // October 6, 2017 at 9:13 pm // Reply

    Sarah, I forgot about another fundamental great ancient river system which is the Orontes River and Valley (and their main tributaries and branches), the Chief River of the Levant; that flows from the Hatay Province especially by Samandag city and the Nur (Amanos) Mountain range (which is in parallel with the Gulf of İskenderun), in Turkey, by the Mediterranean Sea, and into into Syria and Lebanon.

    Look at the Syrian and Turkish maps (many maps are deceiving and would not show in detail the brances and tributaries) and we can see that most of the cities conquered by the CIA/MOSSAD/NA*O-backed SDF/PKK/YPG/IS are by the Orontes River (and its branches and tributaries) and Valley, especially Homs, Larissa, Idlib and Afrin, next to the Nur Mountains in Hatay Province (which is why the Aleppo Plateau that lies within the Aleppo Governorate and Idlib Governorate, as bordered by the Euphates-Orontes River tributaries/branches, is important since it is also next to the Hatay Province)

    So, this is grave danger for Lebanon (Hezbollah), Syria and Turkey since NA*O-US/ISra’l’s ultra deep-sea Nuclear Submarines can smuggle weapons, including chemical and Nuclear ones, easily from the Mediterranean Sea!

    But great news; finally Turkey and Russia are collaborating to reconquer many of these SDF/PKK/YPG-OCCUPIED areas – see at

    Turkey to stop YPG in northern Syria with new plans for Idlib, Afrin


    Daily Sabah, Ankara

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  5. nooraza othman // October 7, 2017 at 11:16 am // Reply

    Unfortunately, the PKK-led Kurdish terrorists have also overtaken Latakia, by the Mediterranean Sea; see –

    PKK terrorists cross into Turkey through Syria’s Latakia

    “After crossing the sea from Latakia, PKK terrorist ringleaders gave orders to advance toward areas in the vicinity of Muğla, Fethiye, Köyceğiz, Fethiye and Izmir,” according to Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu


    Yeni Şafak
    October 07, 2017

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  6. nooraza othman // October 8, 2017 at 1:50 pm // Reply

    Unfortunately Sarah, the Kurdish Terrorists will, with the backing of NA*O-US/ISra*l – because having access to the Mediterranean Sea is most fundamental to them!

    Right now, Syrian-Iraqi Orthodox Christians are in grave danger of being falsely misrepresented by the pro-Kurdish Chaldean Roman Catholics, in the US/west; who are spreading false cunning propagandas that ‘all’ Christians are supposedly being targeted by the Iraqi govt. and Iranian-backed volunteers.

    Hence, Indigenous Iraqi-Syrian Assyrian/Armenian/Aramean Orthodox Catholic must also campaign to counter such false zioNa*i propagandas by the NA*O-US/ISra*l-backed PKK-led Kurdish Terrorists; if they want to reclaim back their Indigeneous land which have been grabbed/robbed under GENOCIDE, by the Kurdish Terrorists under the pretext of fighting the CIA/MOSSAD-created IS/Daesh!

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