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Trump’s State of the Union address: half MAGA rally, half Resistance Protest, full-on reality TV drama

Published by InfoBRICS on February 6th, written by Sarah Abed

Pelosi’s speech-ripping theatrics did little to overshadow Trump’s demonstration of political power during State of the Union address and the Senate’s impeachment acquittal.

Tuesday’s State of the Union dubbed “the launching of the great American comeback” came just a day after the Iowa caucuses in the 2020 presidential election and a day before Trump was acquitted of both articles of impeachment by the Senate. What could best be described as a reality TV drama on steroids, part MAGA rally and part Resistance protest with several theatrical performances that tugged at the heart strings and others that took exploitation and emotional manipulation to another level, this year’s SOTU had a little something for everyone.

The most talked about incident, however, was when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi proceeded to rip a copy of President Trump’s speech while still on camera, as soon as he had finished his hour and a half long annual address. In what could be described as a wrestling match between the opposing parties US political divide was on full display for the world to mock.

Pelosi’s attempts to downplay or justify her actions by saying “it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives”, didn’t do much to stifle the bipartisan condemnation she received. The disgraced 79-year-old Democratic leader’s bold nonverbal message speaks more of her inability to effectively handle the pressures that come with this coveted position than any sort of resistance message she was hoping to send to the Left. Some have even called for her to resign as House Speaker.

On Wednesday, US President Donald J. Trump became the third US president in history to be impeached by the House and acquitted by the Senate. Ending the impeachment process and almost guaranteeing him a second term, the president was acquitted during the Senate trial on both articles of impeachment.

The only Republican that voted in favor of convicting President Trump was Mitt Romney of Utah. Romney is also the only Senator in US history to vote to remove a president from his own party in an impeachment trial. Romney voted “guilty” on article 1, for abuse of power, and “not guilty” on article 2, for obstruction of Congress. On the Senate floor Romney said that he supports a lot of what President Trump has done but his promise before God was to apply impartial justice and to put his feelings and political biases aside. What did Romney benefit from his vote? Nothing, aside from maybe a little favor with the liberals.

After two months of what Trump referred to as a “witch hunt”, the fact-finding and closed-door depositions were followed by public hearings in December.  Now with the acquittal a disgraceful chapter in the Democratic Party’s book has closed and with it any chance of Trump being forced out of office before his term is over.

Democrats have essentially gifted Trump his next presidency on a silver platter. One can’t help but wonder how incredibly inept and poorly executed their plans have been since the 2016 election. The “he is not my president” crowd led by the white coat mafia is spiteful and undeniably biased. These individuals wouldn’t dare criticize the previous administrations many faults, some of which led us into wars that have cost millions of people their lives but they will eagerly scrutinize the current administrations every word and deed, and regardless if it’s to the nations benefit or not, they will trash it.

The left claims to be working in the best interest of the average American but has essentially created the perfect storm which not only gives President Trump’s his highest job approval ratings since he took office in 2017, which according to Gallup polls has risen to 49% but inflates his already enormous ego. Why is it that war crimes and crimes against humanity which were committed by the Obama administration never warrant a mention? If Democrats had a just bone in their body, they would have named and shamed previous President’s just as they have done to the current administration but that’s never going to happen.

It’s hard to tell what’s worse, the Left who is blinded by hate and is willing to burn the country down to get rid of President Trump or the Right which considers Trump their Lord and Savior and chooses to live in ignorant bliss and blindly accepts whatever Emperor Trump and his administration dish out.

Anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed into thinking either of the two parties have our best interest at heart can see that both parties are flawed and suffer from the inability to effectively discern fact from fiction or put biases aside and focus on America first.

However, in this political circus, at least since 2016 till 2024 it looks like the Republicans are on top and the Democrats, by their own doing, are digging themselves into a deeper grave by the day.

Now to say that the Left and Right can’t agree on anything would be an exaggeration. During the State of the Union address there were a few nauseating moments where both sides seemed in sync. One such rare show of solidarity came when both sides eagerly applauded the failed US-puppet Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido. Guaido isn’t the legitimate president of Venezuela, but like a scene out of a zombie movie, President Trump introduced the stiff CIA-backed puppet and the crowd went wild with applause.  Braindead attendees rose in unison to give him a standing ovation. Had Guaido and his US sponsors not failed miserably to unseat President Nicholas Maduro, Guaido wouldn’t currently be on tour trying to garner support leading him to the White House.

If the Left truly cared about the US’s domestic and foreign policies and wanted to bring about any meaningful change, they need to bring more to the table than just boycotts and protests, to be taken seriously.

Source: InfoBrics

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2 Comments on Trump’s State of the Union address: half MAGA rally, half Resistance Protest, full-on reality TV drama

  1. “…several theatrical performances that tugged at the heart strings…” They were Trump’s human shields as he threatened a large part of humanity with destruction. It has been all but impossible for me to find the time to write the blog post I started some time ago titled “Rightwing And Derangened.” But Trump’s obscene SOTUS will be at the heart of it. The writers at WSWS are absolutely right, of course, that Trump’s tirade against socialism is a tirade against working classes everywhere. And, given Trump’s, and the American ruling class’s, history, they are a threat. Working classes who look to their governments to defend them have been put on notice by neocon Trump that their days are numbered. That’s Trump’s idea of self-determination. It’s old. You have the freedom to choose, but choose right or else.

    You have no democracy in the US but you do have a police State there, where if you talk about a system that is different than the one that the fascist ruling class has created and forces on everyone, then you will be attacked. Bernie (who I consider to be a faker) says a few nice things about Cuba (as does everyone who has ever visited the country, where my niece recently got married) and Miami fascists want to throw an anti-communist concert. Hopefully, they will be able to do so (despite the menacing nature of that response to Bernie’s words) without some lunatic committing vehicular manslaughter on a concert goer, the way the fascists would do and have done.


  2. Meaghan Florence Gloria walker // March 1, 2020 at 10:12 am // Reply

    This is a lot of nonsense spoken on serious matters. Truly intelligence has got to be I the world somewhere?


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