I’m an investigative political commentator and writer. I focuses on exposing the lies and propaganda in mainstream media news and social media. As well as domestic and foreign policy with an emphasis on how it affects the Middle East. I’m a truth advocate and activist. I created The Rabbit Hole to counter the fictitious stories and allegations that are part of a well funded, highly intellectual, emotionally driven media campaign against Syria. My goal is to help end the war in Syria by educating the masses. I have spoken on radio shows and contribute regularly to news organizations such as Global Research, Mint Press News and 21 Century wire.. among others. I also have been on radio shows with Fox News, 21st Century Wire and others. 

Also, I am simply a human being who for as long as I can remember has been seeking the infamous “truth”.  I am merely a mortal that sifts through the lies that bombard us from every direction, through every mode of communication, to find a nugget of truth, and then.. when found, I do what any sensible person would do.. and share it with others. This idea of having my own little online journal to share with the universe was inspired by all of the beautiful souls on social media who encouraged me to carve out a little piece of cyberspace where my thoughts can dwell . You are my inspiration.

My truth may not be perfectly aligned with your truth, but that’s where the magic begins.  Together our truths may create an ultimate truth. This is a little corner of the information highway that I will navigate with you riding beside me; shot gun.  You will have the opportunity to explore the labyrinth of my mind. You will discover quite a deliciously intricate maze of political and social issues. A collection of random thoughts and thoroughly thought out analyses.  A rare glimpse into someone’s mind who has layers upon layers of thoughts.. you might get lost but if you fall too deep down the rabbit hole just yell for help and I will come and get you.  While you are navigating this forever changing and growing garden of thoughts and emotions I will unfortunately be unable to give you a map. I ask that you let your internal compass guide you. I am excited you have chosen to accompany me on this meandering of sorts. What will become of it? Only time will tell.. Enjoy.


9 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Tony says:

    Your words are touching because it comes from the heart with honesty, and from a mind with a vision. From a personality experienced incidents on the syrian groud.
    Good luck


  2. Tony says:

    Your words are touching because it comes from the heart with honesty, and from a mind with a vision, from a personality experienced incidents on the syrian ground.
    Good luck.

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  3. Sarah Abed says:

    Thank you Tony, I really appreciate it. I’m very passionate about helping to end the war in Syria, giving those in Syria a voice in the West, and about refuting lies in mainstream media that have ultimately cost half a million Syrians their lives. I appreciate your kind words.


  4. Muhammad zubair says:

    your distinguished and valuable effort for oppressed، evicted and expelled refuges shall be deems in good words…. keep it up ..we are all with you …

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