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3 Comments on Contact Sarah Abed

  1. Anthony Webber // March 1, 2017 at 10:26 am // Reply

    Sarah, I have a lot of friends in Syria and your comments are not clear enough to give assurances. You do not mention which parts of Syria you are going to and whether you are going to government controlled areas in particular. You have also forgotten about the Open Doors charity.


  2. I’m very glad to find another voice telling the truth about US involvement in Syria. At this point it should be obvious to everyone what’s been going on since the first shot was fired, it’s so transparent. And yet there are millions in the States who swallow the propaganda from Washington without questioning a word. It was the same fifty years ago when Vietnam was the watchword of horror: there were protests then, unlike today, because there was a draft, and they carried out operations on the ground in which many American soldiers were being killed, raw recruits who didn’t have a clue why they were there: but the protestors were a small minority, the rest thought our boys were fighting for democracy and freedom. Now the mass murder is done from the sky with humanitarian bombs, and Washington’s troops on the ground are foreign mercenaries, ragheads of no interest to the US consumers of televised aggression. What they have in common with those Americans in Vietnam is that they don’t have a clue who or what they’re actually working for. You’re up against a great wall of ignorance. I don’t say it to discourage you, but quite the opposite, to urge you on by reminding you how hard you’re going to have to struggle to wake up those who are inured to the nightmare.

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. You’re absolutely right. It’s an uphill battle, and one that anyone that cares about humanity needs to be fighting. Thank you again!


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