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Kate Dalley Fox News 1450 KZNU  

January 20th, 2017

Speaking the Truth about Syria. I expose the lies and propaganda told by mainstream media.

21st Century Wire 

February 5th, 2017

The Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen 21st Wire:

This week’s edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is a very special LIVE broadcasting connecting North America and Europe this week, as host Patrick Henningsen covers the top stories in the US and internationally. In the first hour, we’ll look at act one of Trump’s foreign policy performance circus, as the NeoCons surround the new Don of Pennsylvania Ave, resuming Cheney & Bolton’s Iran doctrine, as well as a continuation of Obama’s dysfunctional Ukraine policy, and so much more. Later in hour one, we’ll meet with our first guest, Syrian-American commentator Sarah Abed  to discuss the shifting state of affairs in Syria and initial signs of Trump’s masterplan to defeat ISIS. In the second hour, we try to channel Trump with special guest, Trog Lodyte, co-host of Liberty’s Thunder every Sunday Evening on BlogTalk Radio, as we attempt to visualize the new American political landscape, and distill the essence of the country’s political transformation, and what this new President means to modern politics in America. In the final hour of Overdrive, we’ll tie up loose ends from this past week’s break-neck news cycle, and announce 21 WIRE’s first annual ‘Fake News Week’ marathon coming this week. Hold, it’s going to be a wild ride…

Independent Media Monday – Rhymes Media Group 

March 24th, 2017

Interview with Dr. Edward Rhymes

Thank you for stopping by Rhymes Media Group Fam. This is a special Friday edition of #IndependentMediaMonday and our special guest is journalist Sarah Abed. Sarah is an investigative political commentator and writer. She focuses on exposing the lies and propaganda in mainstream media news and social media. As well as domestic and foreign policy with an emphasis on how it affects the Middle East. Sarah describes herself as a truth advocate and activist. She created The Rabbit Hole to counter the fictitious stories and allegations that are part of a well-funded, highly intellectual, emotionally driven media campaign against Syria. Sarah’s goal is to help end the war in Syria by educating the masses. She has spoken on radio shows and contributes regularly to news organizations such as Global Research, Mint Press News and 21 Century wire.. among others. She has also been a guest on Fox News, 21st Century Wire and others.

Join us here on Rhymes Media Group to hear intelligent insights about the war in Syria and compelling commentary about the geopolitical reality in the region. The time & date: Friday. March 24th at 12 PM CST/1 PM EST; the place: a special #IndependentMediaMonday on Rhymes Media Group.


Sputnik Radio Trendstorm Interview
Thursday, May 18th, 2017


Trump’s First International Trip: Religious Pilgrimage or Blood Money Alliance?

My Trendstorm Sputnik Radio Show interview with host Andrew Korybko and a rough transcript.

The topic of discussion was President Trump’s first International trip. A trip that was meant to unite the world’s three main religions. His trip would start in Saudi Arabia, then “Isreal” and finish in Rome.

Article by Sputnik News pertaining to this interview.

Kate Dalley Fox News 1450 KZNU  

Thursday May 18th, 2017

Live Update regarding the US-led coalition’s latest act of aggression in hitting pro-government forces in southern Syria near Al Tanf. Listen to hear what you are not being told in mainstream media. 

The War on Syria: Debunking “Progressive Left” Narratives

Global Research News Hour episode 196

October 29, 2017

This week, on the Global Research News Hour we devote the program to a defusing of the propaganda weapons being used to trigger another ‘humanitarian intervention’ this time on the people of the Syrian Arab Republic.

In the first half hour, guest Sarah Abed challenges the heroic narratives around Kurdish freedom fighters in Syria and explains how Kurdish nationalism has been and continues to be an instrument of US and Israeli imperial ambitions. We then hear Mark Taliano correct the record on a ‘democratic revolution’ in Syria. Finally, a member of the Syrian-diaspora in Canada provides some insights into who the anti-Assad Syrians in Canada are, how they have helped derail social justice movements in Canadian cities, and how they continue to sabotage the unity of the Syrian people.

Sarah Abed is a Syrian American independent investigative political commentator who focuses on exposing the lies and propaganda in mainstream media news and social media. She is a truth advocate who uses her social media accounts and website The Rabbit Hole to counter Western media disinformation about Syria. Several of her articles have appeared at global Research.

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