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Live Debate: US/Israel/Saudi vs. Iran?

On June 16th, March on the Pentagon and Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox hosted a debate which I moderated between two intellectuals with vast knowledge of US foreign policies in the Middle East.

US/Israel/Saudi vs. Iran? That’s Debatable! (SOAPBOX PODCAST 6/16/19)

Our guests were, Ali Musawi a Press TV Correspondent who typically resides in Beirut, Lebanon and Erbil, Iraq and William Stroock an American pro-Israel author of 18 books (three of which focus on Israel).

We discussed increasing US/Israel/Saudi tensions against Iran, the recent oil tanker attacks, Israel’s role and intentions in the war in Syria, as well as Kurdish/Israeli relations.

At the end we had a Q and A session as well.

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