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My Dear Readers,

I want to thank you for your continued trust, respect, love, and appreciation. We have come a long way in spreading the truth in a short period of time. I greatly appreciate all of the emails, messages, and comments. In response to your kind inquiries about how you can help support me in addition to sharing my articles and posts, I created a PayPal account.

As you may notice, there aren’t any advertisements on my website. I am fully reader supported and need your help to continue to provide you with crucial information that you will not find on mainstream media outlets. 

Many people might not know this but most of what we do as independent journalists and anti-war truth advocates is voluntary, without any financial compensation and is entirely driven by our passion for the truth.  It’s certainly more demanding than a full-time job and requires an unquantifiable amount of time and dedication, and the rewards are almost entirely altruistic in nature.

Mainstream media has intentionally made it hard for us to survive by writing articles. Therefore, we are reliant on those who find our work informative and want to help sustain it.

If you can help support my independent journalism, commitment and dedication to providing the public with the truth please consider donating via PayPal.  Any amount is highly appreciated. Thank you!

With all of my love and respect,

Sarah Abed




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