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What You Need To Know About The Kurdish-Isreali Relationship

The Kurdish-Israeli relationship has matured significantly.  Since at least the 1960s, Israel has provided intermittent security assistance and military training to the Kurds. This served mostly as an anti-Saddam play – keeping him distracted as Israel fought two wars against coordinated Arab neighbors – but mutual understanding of their respective predicaments also bred an Israeli-Kurdish affinity.

All signs point to this security cooperation continuing today. Israeli procurement of affordable Kurdish oil not only indicates a strengthening of economic ties, but also an Israeli lifeline to budget-starved Erbil that suggests a strategic bet on the Kurds in an evolving region.

The people closest to the Jews from a genetic point of view may be the Kurds, according to the results of a recent study by Hebrew University.

The Kurds are allied with Syria’s fiercest enemy – Israel – whose planned Greater Israel project coincidentally aligns almost perfectly with the Kurds’ plans for “Kurdistan.”

In the Oded Yinon plan, which is the plan for a “Greater Israel,” it states the imperative use of Kurds to help divide neighboring countries in order to aid in their plans for greater domination.

Interestingly enough, Kurds brush this alliance off as being just another step in achieving their ultimate goal of creating an autonomous Kurdistan.

Every major Kurdish political group in the region has longstanding ties to Israel. It’s all linked to major ethnic violence against Arabs, Turkmens, and Assyrians. From the PKK in Turkey to the PYD and YPG in Syria, PJAK in Iran to the most notorious of them all, the Barzani-Talabani mafia regime (KRG/Peshmerga) in northern Iraq.

Thus it should come as no surprise that Erbil supplied Daesh (ISIS) with weaponry to weaken the Iraqi government in Baghdad. And when it becomes understood that Erbil is merely the front for Tel Aviv in Iraq, the scheme becomes clear.

Israel has reportedly been providing the KRG with weapons and training even prior its military encounters with Daesh. On the level of economic strategy, Israel granted critical support to the KRG by buying Kurdish oil in 2015 when no other country was willing to do so because of Baghdad’s threat to sue.

KRG Minister of Natural Resources Ashti Hawrami even admitted to the arrangement, saying that Kurdish oil was often funneled through Israel to avoid detection.

In January 2012 the French newspaper Le Figaro claimed that Israeli intelligence agents were recruiting and training Iranian dissidents in clandestine bases located in Iraq’s Kurdish region. By aligning with the Kurds, Israel gains eyes and ears in Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

A year later, the Washington Post disclosed that Turkey had revealed to Iranian intelligence a network of Israeli spies working in Iran, including ten people believed to be Kurds who reportedly met with Mossad members in Turkey. This precarious relationship between Israel and Turkey persists today.

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3 Comments on What You Need To Know About The Kurdish-Isreali Relationship

  1. “Kurds brush this alliance off as being just another step in achieving their ultimate goal of creating an autonomous Kurdistan” in which “brush off” means ‘admitting to’, evidently.

    Stephen Gowans, unlike Ofra Bengio, make the point that the different groups of Kurds do ‘not’ have different ‘overall’ goals.

    As for the different groups having ties to Israel, this is actually old – but not well enough known – news. Give Jeff Haper’s book “War Against The People,” in which he reports the disturbing fact that so many countries, including Arab countries and countries that express support for Palestinian human rights, do business with Irael, who they regard and accept, more or less, as the regional hegemon. (Halper’s book, unfortunately, reveals that Jeff is not up to speed – hopefully that’s all it is – on the Rwanda genocide propaganda.) It has to do with poor leadership and the global pacification program underway. If a country’s leadership isn’t going to show solidarity with its people, but with the US-led Corporatocracy instead, then that country’s people thereby become the enemy – in need of pacification. It’s call securocratic warfare, in which the police state measures are said, by the (fascist) state, to be necessary for national security. Of course.

    A recent 21st Century Wire article (“AIR NATO: A Look Inside the West’s Secret Weapons Racket That’s Destroying Syria”) touches on Israel’s ‘always in the background’ involvement with the region’s various ruling classes, selling them weapons. The author may have uncovered some details relating to NATO’s involvement with Israel in the area of weapons shipments to assorted (anti-Assad, ant-Iran) groups in the region, but for a fact, this kind of activity (in the main) is nothing new.

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  2. The Kurdish-Israel Project. Thank you for setting it out so neatly and concisely. The Axis of Resistance must find the strength and the means to ensure this venture never happens in anything more than concept.

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  3. Lasse Anckarman // September 1, 2017 at 5:15 am // Reply

    Thanks for exposing this connection, Sarah. Great work! However you write about “a recent study by Hebrew University” from 2001. I think this study is more fresh and up to date:


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