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Bana “Peace Preacher” Alabed

Bana Alabed has become a household name. Not for the cute things you would expect from a 7 year old but for her political commentary and on the ground breaking informative tweets.

Her accelerated rise to fame came via one of social media’s most used popular platforms Twitter. Since she opened her account in September of 2016 she has accumulated 364,126 followers as of a few minutes ago. Bana wants the world to believe that at 7 years old she is a reliable and innocent voice that speaks the truth about the war in Syria and in particular her life in Aleppo. She tweeted about the Allepocaust or as she referred to it #HolocaustAleppo  which you can read more about here in a previous article I wrote about her and her “pro regime change” friends Bilal Abdul Kareem an actor from NY and Lina Al Shamy. She wants her followers to blindly follow her and not question her credibility because why would a young girl lie? If anyone opposes or questions her views she is quick to play the victim and garner sympathy from around the world. After all she is just a 7 year old girl right? She couldn’t possibly be a propaganda tool used by the terrorists who her father is very friendly with.

Her mother Fatemah Alabed  a self proclaimed “Global peace activist” recently created her own twitter account she has 23.3k followers at the moment. In a tweet on February 5th she said “Let me tell you the truth today. East Aleppo suffer so so so so so so so so much. Never listen to an Assad supporter, never, never”. This is months after Aleppo was liberated and children are now back at school and Aleppo is free of the filthy terrorists that were raping and killing innocent civilians and were enforcing Sharia law on everyone in the area. How is it suffering exactly Ms. Alabed?

On January 20th Fatemah tweeted “I am really sad to see Obama & Michelle go. But be happy, the Obamas could return 2020 as Mrs. Michelle president”. So 8 years of war under Obama the “Nobel peace prize recipient” that brought this war to Syria and supported the armed “moderate rebels” who have been outed as being anything but moderate. They are full blown terrorists and can not be differentiated from their fellow Daesh and AlQaeda counterparts. Fatemah must have missed the fact that he dropped more bombs than his predecessors. I go further into his 8 years of war and destruction in this article.

Let’s go back to Bana the “twitter prodigy”. On January 27th she wrote a lengthy letter to President Trump asking him to “save the children and people of Syria”. I wrote more about this letter in this article. On February 27th she wrote another letter this time addressed to Bashar Al Assad and Putin. This “peace preacher” said “My name is Bana Alabed from Syria. Stop bombing now, save the children of Syria and go to jail for killing my friends”.


Bana since you blocked me on twitter after I wrote my last article I will write my letter to you here and hopefully one day you will see it.


Dear Bana,

You do not know me but I am a Syrian American that has a taken a stance in combating mainstream media’s highly funded propaganda campaign for “regime change” that has fueled the war in Syria. I want this war to end. I have seen what it has done to my family, friends, my country and I am utterly heartbroken by it.

In response to your latest letter I want to clarify a few points that you mentioned. Sweet heart you need to understand that Assad and Putin are bombing the terrorists that have been committing atrocities in Syria for 6 years now. Don’t you think your friends in Aleppo deserve to live in peace and not in fear as they did when it was under the control of the terrorists? Bana, darling Aleppo has been liberated. You’re friends are either living peacefully there or they went to the terrorist infested area of Idleb with their terrorist parents. You know who should go to jail? Your parents. Your weapon yielding, AlQaeda affiliated father and your mother who has also been seen holding really big weapons. Bana, your father and mother have subjected you to things no child should be subjected to. They have allowed you to be used as a propaganda tool in the hands of terrorists. Bana, your parents have made you memorize lines and regurgitate them in interviews. Your parents have stolen your childhood. Behind that missing tooth smile of yours I wonder what you really are feeling.  Maybe you too realize what they have done and continue to do with the support of the media and good hearted foolish people is criminal. Child abuse and child exploitation is not ok. One day when you are old enough to understand all of this, I know you will not be happy to learn what was done to you. All of those followers who have encouraged this to go on are also guilty.  If they and the media didn’t give you all of this attention you wouldn’t have been placed in this utterly disgusting position. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry you are going through this. I hope people will stop giving your parents a reason to keep using you and allow you to live a normal life. You are a child, I put no blame on you. Your parents however I do not have any sympathy for.

Take care and good luck,

Sarah Abed

(On the left: A picture of Bana’s dad with his armed terrorist friends, and on the Right: Alabed family picture with Erdogan in Turkey where they currently reside).

bana's dad.jpg

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  1. I had a feeling, down in the pit of my stomach, that something wasn’t right about the MSM’s and Bana’s parents’ exploitation of her as a propaganda tool. I don’t blame Bana, either.

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