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Propaganda Kills

Friends, we are currently fighting in the psychological/info war part of this war on Syria. The soldiers are killing the terrorists on the ground, destroying their body and soul. We must kill the media’s propaganda and lies. We must kill the evil ideology that these terrorists are spreading. Lies spread by the media have cost innocent people their lives. Those who spread the lies are also responsible. Everyone that took part and was on the wrong side of this war has blood on their hands.

This last phase is a crucial one. The outcome will affect every living human to differing degrees. If you have been curious about the truth NOW is the time to start hearing from the side that mainstream media has tried to suppress. It’s time to get serious. The amount of messages and comments of support and encouragement I’ve received from those that are willing, able, ready to fight is immense. Everyone has a role to play. Humanity is depending on us.

Our time is NOW.

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