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Syria: The Bleeding Heart of the Axis of Resistance

Published on 21st Century Wire on 3/21/2017
Published on The Ugly Truth on 3/18/17
Syria is the bleeding heart of the Axis of Resistance. Syria defied the odds and defiantly stood up against Western imperialism. Syrians along with their allies fought hard against the over 320,000 highly funded, trained, and foreign backed armed mercenaries that came from over 90 countries. Syrians not backed down when faced with attacks from many powerful nations around the world.
What makes Syria and Syrians different than other countries in the transcontinental region? The simplest answer is Syria is the ONLY United, Nonsectarian, and Secular nation in the Middle East. This profound trilogy is what has allowed Syria to not collapse during this brutal imposed proxy war that was waged against it over 6 years ago. 
In Arabic they say "Souria 3eeoona khidir" meaning Syria's eyes are green referring to the two stars in the flag. So whenever you see a Syrian flag make sure it has 2 green stars/eyes not three bloody stars. That way you will make sure its the legitimate Syrian flag not the French mandate flag that the opposition is foolishly using for their "fake revolution".  Like presented in the pictures below. 

Syria will not only win this war but will come out stronger than before Inshallah (God willing)! Like the Jasmine plant that vertically grows and clings to the sides of a building defying gravity and holding on tight, Syria too will hold on tight to it’s freedom. It will grow, it will prosper, and it will show the world what resistance truly means.
Syrian blood has been spilt and ran like rivers in the streets. Blood that the terrorists thought was cheap, lives that they thought they could end with a knife, gun, or other weapons. How does one even take such an action? Who are they to determine who deserves to live or die? These godless beasts think they are invincible but the time will come when they will pay for this. To every action there is a reaction. One day, whether it be in this life or the next they will pay. Every single person that had a hand in destroying Syria whether it be the politicians, the soldiers, the media, the fake activists, the ignorant people spreading false allegations on social media, every single person that had a hand in destroying Syria will pay.
I am amazed at how resilient Syrians are in Syria, and that’s what compels me to fight hard for them and do what I can to counter the lies and propaganda that has fueled this imposed war. I think about what a day would be like in their lives, and unless we are there we are incapable of fully understanding what they have lived through for six years. In my “Syrians Speak Out” Series with Mint Press News I have been able to give those outside of Syria an unfiltered look at what life has been like for Syrians.
We fight for them to be heard because their fight is our fight. They are warriors on the front line. We need to be there to support them, encourage them, and fight against all of the powers that are fueling this war against Syria. We owe it to humanity to do that. I have seen people from all over the globe caring about Syria and wanting to help. Sharing posts, making comments, it warms my heart.  You might think that what you are doing is minor and won’t bring about any change but I can assure you that every effort is important, this is a global effort that we need to make. We need to understand the implications of not fighting on the side of truth, we can not afford to lose this battle.
 This picture depicts the unity between Christian and Muslim Syrians during the liberation of Aleppo.
Inshallah (God willing) all of us who have been fighting hard on Syria’s behalf can unite in Syria one day when it has been completely liberated and all of the scum has been cleaned out. When Syria has returned to it’s beautiful original state. All of us truth advocates from around the world can unite and finally celebrate Syria’s victory with its warriors! We can at that point proudly say meet me at the citadel!
Until that day we must fight wholeheartedly for Syria’s liberation and for it’s ultimate victory. Every single person in Syria that is fighting for liberation is a warrior. Everyone foreigner that is fighting for this goal is also helping to shift the tide and bring this war to an end.
Mark Twain in 1867 wrote about Damascus: “She measures time not by days and months and years, but by the empires she has seen rise and prosper and crumble into ruin. She is a type of immortality.”
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23 Comments on Syria: The Bleeding Heart of the Axis of Resistance

  1. Daniel Wirt // March 19, 2017 at 2:37 am // Reply

    Thank you, Sarah

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    • Thank you Daniel.

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    • Daniel Wirt is a Texan that is spreading false stories, he has harassed, vilified Syrians that don’t follow his line of “Truth” Daniel Wirt is so far removed from Syria and the truth he does no favors for Syria and the so called “activists” Daniel Wirt is making matters worse with his falsehoods, smearing and downright nasty behavior toward Syrian people. Daniel Wirt has no knowledge about Syria except what he choses to read and believe from largely non Syrians. Wirt is the laughing stock of the medical community in Texas (Humble, Texas- Suddenlink Communications) and the hospital he is on contract with that he embarasses with this radical bedhavior from harming Syrian people to being anti-death penalty even for harden cold blooded killers. Wirt has defended them and slandered, hurt the family members of loved ones killed by these animals. Wirt is not credible and doesn’t know what he is talking about. Anyone that thinks non Syrians setting 5,000 miles away know what they are talking about in Russia or some small piss ant country have no grasp of reality. Daniel Wirt should mind his own business or at least try to fix the many problems he has in Texas with local Syrian Refugees who really hate him and his big dumb blabbermouth.

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  2. Bless you and all who care.

    May your eyes shine forever.

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    • Thank you! God bless you too.


      • PJ London // March 20, 2017 at 4:43 am //

        He already has, beyond words.
        Isaiah 41:13Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
        13 For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand,
        saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.
        Al-Baqara – 2:155
        And most certainly shall We try you by means of danger, and hunger, and loss of worldly goods, of lives and of [labour’s] fruits. But give glad tidings unto those who are patient in adversity –
        Al-Baqara – 2:249
        [But] do you think that you could enter paradise without having suffered like those [believers] who passed away before you? Misfortune and hardship befell them, and so shaken were they that the apostle, and the believers with him, would exclaim, “When will God’s succour come?”
        Oh, verily, God’s succour is [always] near!

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  3. Syria is not resisting the west. She is resisting israel. The west is israels attack dog and YOU know this!

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    • The West, “Israel”, KSA, Qatar, NATO, the EU etc etc.


      • Without naming the enemy you can’t know who your enemy is. All you mention after israel are israels proxies. What happens to your enemies when you attack a proxy? NOTHING! T.h.e.y. (t=the h=hebrews e=enslaving y=you) simply generate other proxies and attack you again! Using YOUR energy because you do not see beyond their monies. There is a basic truism you are ignoring. That is “if you leave an enemy alive he WILL again rise up and fly at your throat”. Destroy the KSA. Destroy Qater. Destroy NATO. Destroy the EU etc etc and what do you have? YOUR REAL ENEMIES STILL ALIVE AND PLOTTING OTHER PROXIES AND FALSE FLAGS.
        Destroy judaics and what do you have?????

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  4. Nice one ✌️✌️

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  5. The Greater Israel Plan has met its match.

    Assad has his flaws but I have consistently maintained that the people support him because he represents the Syria they remember and wish to restore. He was forced to become a warrior against his quiet and basically sweet nature. Those involved in the attacks on Syria shall indeed be punished although it is not up to us to make the final decision between the criminals and God. But they shall indeed pay for every death, every ache and pain, brought upon the world by this horror.

    Yet every Syrian refugee I have met, and I know a few, have sworn madly against him. This does confuse me somewhat. I even had to change car mechanics because the local garage I went to for 15 years is owned by Syrians and my innocent question about the war, about 2 years ago, led to such anger against Assad and my supporting him “in my Western ignorance” that soon I was looking for a new garage! My quiet comments had led to a bit of an explosion and I just never felt comfortable to return.

    But I guess this ignorant Westerner knows the truth when she reads it because Syria shall get past this in her timelessness.

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    • Noor it’s really disheartening when refugees come to the USA or other countries in the West and they start telling these lies of oppression and injustice under the “Assad regime”. Whenever I see such videos or posts I feel the need to explain that they are giving misinformation in order to play on peoples emotions. They use this victim mentality to garner support from Westerners by painting a drastically inaccurate picture of what life was like in Syria for them. They leave out all of the great things that were provided to them in Syria a secular, nonsectarian country where education and healthcare was free. I am not sure how these people can sell their heritage just to garner sympathy. I really wish they wouldn’t spread these lies and propaganda. All we can do is counter all of this with the truth and ultimately the truth will prevail!

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      • That is an excellent response that makes great sense to me. I will also add that by now, the Father who had founded the garage, with whom I had an excellent rapport, had retired and one of his NINETEEN sons had taken over the business for him. SO there was definitely a shift in politics…..

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    • “Yet every Syrian refugee I have met, and I know a few, have sworn madly against him.”
      I can think of (at least) two possible reasons.
      1) They (their family) were in opposition to Assad’s Baath party whilst in Syria. People who opposed the policies of the Baath Party did not prosper. You and they may not like a ‘one party state’, many do not. Yet throughout history single party rule has been the norm. Currently two party politics is popular, as long as the two parties are not too far apart. If you have a really ‘different’ opinion, say you believe that ‘all black people are inferior’ and should be excluded from political decisions, then you will not be allowed to participate and probably end up in jail. Yet 60 years ago (a blink of the eye compared to 13,000 years of civilisation) it was a common opinion and openly debated. There are still several countries where women do not have the vote. Societies where women are expected to vote according to their husband’s wishes. Including America. Anger at losing, being the ‘outsider’ is always with us, look how many people promised to leave US if Trump won the election. How many ‘Trump’ refugees in Canada do you think would support him and his ideas?
      2) The most likely reason for being against Assad, whilst living in America, is that the vast majority of Americans believe the propaganda that ‘He is an evil dictator’. If you, as a Syrian, say ‘No he is not bad’ immediately the response is ‘Well why don’t you go back where you came from? What are you doing here?’ You can experience this by trying to hold an intelligent discussion about Vaccines or climate change with your acquaintances. Good luck.
      I had a desire to see the world, not as a tourist but as a resident. Through amazing luck and some skill I became a consultant who had the opportunity to work and live in several countries for 2 – 3 years at a time. Mind blowing. Reality v’s the external perception is sooooo different.
      The one thing I learnt from this is that for sheer beauty of spirit, meet and mix with the poor. They will enrich you far more than the wealthy.
      I also met and worked with (very) rich and powerful Arabs, who behaved as though they were humble and ordinary. Wonderful lovely people who gave thanks every day (5 times) for their existence. I give thanks for their existence too.

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      • Thank you for your excellent response. And I do agree about mixing with the average people rather than the wealthy. How else do you get to know the true tastes and sounds of a county? Just one silly but true response to a comment you made about women supposed to vote according to their husband’s wishes. Not in California it seems… There was a headline in the LA Times a few weeks after the Trump win about how the unfortunate men of CA were not getting sex from their wives because they were not forgiven for supporting Trump and cut off due to one excuse or another.

        Your final comment about Muslims is certainly true. I found the same thing when I was in the Muslim community in India.

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    • Is California still in the USA?

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  6. I Thank you so much for this article. It 100% captures why I fell in love with Syria, some 5 years ago and still fight for her, in my crusty old age ( I had to slow down some, my energy had been drained too low ) but will till the day I die

    Mark Twain’s words are so fitting !!
    Long Live Syria !! The jewel of Arabia !
    weeping, it hit me so deeply

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    • Thank you very much Karin! On behalf of all Syrians we greatly appreciate your love and support! I am glad you liked it. Your sincere and thoughtful message means a lot to me!


  7. GUZE SPITERI // March 19, 2017 at 3:22 pm // Reply


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  8. As a partly green eyed Syrian from my mother’s side, I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful essay

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